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selak | 07 Avgust, 2014 09:04

Ovo je jedno od onih jutara kada misao zastaje, kada se svaka reč čini slabom, nevažnom.

Iako se cela Srbija digla na noge, nije vredelo. Tijane, nažalost, više nema.

Koji životinjski poriv neko treba da oseti da bi ubio bilo koga? Da bi ubio dete?

Roditelj sam i ovakve stvari su mi nezamislive.

Saučešće porodici, iako znam da im hiljade izjava saučešća neće vratiti dete.

I apel na kraju, za sve koji odlučuju o pravosuđu: vratite smrtnu kaznu za najteže zločine poput ovog. Nemojte da vam raznorazni konsultanti pune glavu kako je to anticivilizacijski. Da ih vidim da pričaju, na primer, Amerikancima da je smrtna kazna anticivilizacijska. Pokažite malo integriteta i zaštitite narod i decu ovde. Smrtna kazna je preblaga sancija za Tijaninog ubicu, niti će nju vratiti roditeljima i drugovima, ali je primer da se danak u glavama ne može tek tako uzimati.

Jer svi smo roditelji, braća sestre...i niko ovakav gubitak ne želi.

Tijana, počivaj u miru.


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RamonRoy | 06/10/2021, 09:57

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1953 condo site plan

balanceunit | 14/10/2021, 08:35

The business units are relied upon to house F&B outlets and accommodation shops albeit one can't say that with conviction as they won't be overseen by the engineer. Photograph: Stackedhomes 1953 condo site plan In accordance with severe protection rules, the five-foot way will be saved along the shophouse walkway. This is an unmistakable compositional element for shophouses discovered in Singapore as well as in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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riverfront | 15/10/2021, 13:19

Spanning within the path of 36,811 square metres in land location and having a plot ratio of .Eight, Riverfront Residences offers a whole of 1472 residential gadgets with a exquisite variety of bedrooms to healthy the wishes of homebuyers and 6 retail stores for residents to satisfaction in in.
Riverfront Residences is located inside the mature estate of Hougang, in which it simplest takes 10 to twelve mins to stroll to Hougang MRT station similarly to Hougang bus interchange.riverfront map Location map located subsequent to Sungei Serangoon, this attributes to its high attraction among homebuyers looking at a latest release rental.

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naisemay | 23/11/2021, 05:59

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free general knowledge quiz | 26/11/2021, 11:17

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Annalah | 02/12/2021, 14:21

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UndieWearz | 03/12/2021, 07:31

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what happens after a motion to compel is filed | 18/12/2021, 09:10

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